William Byrd



What I Offer Every Client

If you want to see rapid results, nothing beats having a professional with fifteen years in the industry by your side coaching you and motivating you to succeed. If you’re ready to change your life, I’m here to help!

Let me tell you exactly what you’ll get. When a new client begins their fitness journey with me, they receive the following:

I Travel to You!

What’s more convenient than having a personal trainer? Having a personal trainer come to you!

Depending on your preference, I will travel to your home, a public park, or somewhere that is convenient and appropriate for a fitness session in the Boston area.

Complete Assessment

I take each client through the most complete and effective movement assessment in the industry. During your complete assessment, I will be able to determine the following information:

Your personal fitness goals
A realistic timeline of when you’ll meet those goals
Physical limitations such as muscle tightness and over compensation
Medical conditions
Previous injuries
Cardiovascular health concerns
Areas to improve

From all of this detailed information, I’ll be able to create for you a personalized exercise program along with a custom meal journal.

Personalized Exercise Program

I won’t be selecting the most popular exercises for you because some fitness hotshot on television says so. Your workout program will be made exclusively for you based on your own biomechanics, strengths, and physical limitations. Your workout plan will be progressive and constantly evolving based on your progress. It sets you up for success and allows you to see important changes from week to week.

Custom Meal Journal

Nutrition is 70% of the results that we see in the mirror! It goes without saying then that you can exercise all you want but if your diet is poor, you won’t be seeing the results you want.

Whether you’re interested in losing weight, gaining muscle mass, or increasing performance, I can recommend specific nutritional choices based on your assessment. This isn’t an official diet plan but rather, a set of custom suggestions for you to reach your specific goal.

What’s more, I’ll be asking you to e-mail me your food journal every week so I can check in with how you’re doing and suggest improvements to kickstart results.

Round the Clock Support

Think my time with you ends once we’re done a training session? Think again!

I follow-up with clients through email each and every day. I make sure to take the time to answer all of your questions about proper nutrition, exercise, recovery, and anything fitness-related.

Free Stuff

Finally, each Elite client gets a free Rollga Foam Roller along with free Epsom salts. Both are important components of recovery and seeing results. 

Ready to Start?

Are you ready to get serious about achieving your ideal physique? Don’t let this year be like last. Let me help you reach success. Remember, the investment in an expert trainer is an investment in yourself. This is knowledge that you’ll be using for the rest of your life. Don’t wait any longer. Commit to yourself today!

1 hr Training Session


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10 Training Sessions (Save $400)


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